Rescued Air Services went out on a limb to open the doors of their company because they believed that they were capable of providing their customers with the most quality service in the DFW! So far, so good! Even in the crazy year of opening in 2020, we have thrived due to our dedication to our customers!

The mission behind this HVAC company is to provide every customer with the most respect, treat them like family, and make sure every house their employees walk into becomes as comfortable as it possibly can be. After all, that is why someone invented the air conditioner right?

In Texas, we like to be cold in the summer heat. This is why we have the best people who have spent a significant amount of time training through the years and also have years of experience so that you can be confident when our employees walk through that door, you are in great hands!
We also know, that Texans hate being cold. That is why we live in the great Lone Star State right?! Rest assured we will take care of your furnace as well! If you want your house at a warm 75, we do too! If you want your house at a cool 68, we do too!
No matter your HVAC needs, our only goal is to make our customers happy! Please fell free to give us a call at 469-820-4996 to further discuss how we can make your family and home comfortable!
AC Repair Dallas TX