AC Installation

AC Installation

When it is time to have an AC installation, you need to trust who you are picking to do the job! This is why Rescued Air Services prides themselves on honesty & good customer service. Not only that, we have years of experience under our belt and know what it takes to get you comfortable.  Plus, we will do all of this with an excellent AC installation. 

There is definitely a craft when it comes to AC installation which is why we have picked our employees carefully. Knowledge, experience, and relationship is what sets Rescued Air Services apart from other AC installations. 

Don’t forget, we do FREE estimates for a system as well as FREE second opinions if you are not comfortable with the price or diagnosis of another HVAC company. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!  

If you do not think that you need a new AC system, you might want to check out our AC repair page.

AC Installation

Additionally if you are in need of a complete HVAC installation, please check out our page on that. 

Some clues that t may be time to replace are:

  • Your electrical bill seems higher than normal
  • You can’t keep the temperature where you like it
  • You have made several repairs over the years

Don’t keep dumping money into repairs. Call today for a FREE estimate on replacement!

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Serving all of the DFW


Rescued Air Services services all of the DFW and surrounding areas. If you are looking to support a locally owned and operated company, we are looking to make you apart of the Rescued Air Services family.  

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